Big Daddy’s Pillow

The pillow is designed as such that the pillow helps align the lower body to relieve pressure on the spine, neck and back. his full body pillow supports the lower back, unlike other pillows. Other pillows raise the upper torso up, and causes an uncomfortable arch in the back, which is not natural, and our pillow will release lower back pain, after only one night sleeping on it!


The Daddy’s Pillow allows you to lie in the great comfort of the entire length of the pillow, from your upper torso, all the way down below your waist. It is Crucial to have a level surface to sleep on, or your back is in an inclined position, which is a very unnatural position for your back, and will cause great lower back pain!


Get that great comfort today with the full body pillow. No matter the size of your belly the pillow will adjust to your size.


Big Belly Discomforts

There are many reasons to tighten your tummy by exercising and eating right, including better balance and stability and a sleeker appearance. A big belly also raises your risk for a number of health conditions including metabolic syndrome, heart disease and diabetes. Another good incentive to eat right, exercise and reduce your waistline is that a big belly can lead to back pain.